Clean Tech & Sustainability

I am unabashedly a fan of clean technology, clean energy and sustainable enterprise. Leaders in these areas will comprise the bulk of my clientele over the next decade. So I will

  • Do what I do best: coach and develop leaders
  • Serve organizations best positioned to maximize returns for people, profit and planet.
  • Partner with firms providing different expertise (e.g strategy) to the same organizations

Who I Really Really Like To Work With

Companies that

  • Integrate pollution prevention, product stewardship and other sustainable business practices into their strategy, operations and talent management
  • Commercialize and mass market existing clean technology and energy efficiency
  • Develop new “leapfrog” technologies
  • Generate wealth and meet basic human needs at the “Base of the Pyramid”
  • Take what Stu Hart calls the “green leap” by bringing together the worlds of clean tech and the Base of the Pyramid
  • Invest capital (angel, venture, private equity) in clean energy and sustainable business practices

Champions of federal and state policies that

  • Make clean energy cheap, reliable and abundant
  • Support entrepreneurs through the clean energy valley of death
  • Help communities and citizens prepare for extreme weather, natural disasters and other impacts of global climate change

Cross-sector partnerships like

  • Regional clean energy innovation consortia that help promising R&D projects evolve into prototypes and proofs-of-concept
  • Sustainability and green business networks that share best practices, promote inter-organizational learning, and co-invest in talent development
  • City and regional entities promoting resilience to disruptions from peak oil and global climate change