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Why you’ll enjoy this interview

As you know from following Janet Crawford’s work, it all starts with those 3.3 pounds of living tissue called the brain. “It” means people’s behaviors, leadership in organizations…and this podcast.


In episode 1 of The Amiel Show, Janet Crawford and I speak about

  • Why neuroscience is the modern day equivalent of the decoder ring
  • How much of people’s behaviors comes from unconscious patterns
  • What it takes to become emotionally literate
  • How to produce more strategic thinking by keeping our prefrontal cortex online
  • The role of GABA Goo in calming down the amygdala
  • Unconscious bias in organizations and what this tells us about why some people become more powerful than others.

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Ninety-nine percent plus of what you do was not produced in the conscious, logical mind.

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