Practice Greatness:
Escape Small Thinking, Listen Like A Master, And Lead With Your Best

Practice Greatness

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Based on extensive work over two decades with Fortune 500 companies and public sector agencies, Practice Greatness will help you learn how to:

  • Realize your full potential for the sake of a larger purpose
  • Apply the lessons of talent hotbeds to your own leadership
  • Improve the results your organization gets from its investments in leadership development
  • Call B.S. on yourself because your potential is way more than you think
  • Design “conversations for possibility”
  • Make dumb questions even dumber
  • Mend relationships with your enemies
  • Evoke moods of hope, curiosity, and excitement in your organization
  • Keep your Achilles Heel from becoming Achilles Hell
  • Argue better
  • Increase your physical energy


A deeply studied, soulful guide through the complex, sometimes perilous world of 21st century organizations. Drawing on his deep experience and education and listening to his brave, generous heart, Amiel offers the reader an invaluable distillation of strategies and practices that build competence, undergird confidence, and open a path through intransigent problems. Profoundly human, humorous, candid,  and practical, this volume belongs in the hand of any committed coach, consultant, manager, or executive.

James Flaherty, author of Coaching: Evoking Excellence in Others, and founder of New Ventures West

This excellent how-to guide delivers specific, concrete actions…that leaders and managers of all types can take to transform their own thinking and actions, and then the culture around them. Helpfully divided into short, accessible sections, it is ideal for busy managers…This is great stuff; brilliant, even inspiring! Star Rating: 5 out of 5

San Francisco Book Review

This outstanding book is full of elegant insights, eminently readable, extremely well organized and succinct, and, most of all, packed with actionable leadership advice. A must read for all leaders, and especially helpful for physician leaders.

-Shaun Sullivan, MD, Bellingham Anesthesia Associates

A practical and engaging book! I read it with a pen in hand, taking notes, and thinking of how to apply the insights myself and with the leaders I advise. A wonderful guide to becoming an authentic leader.

Rachel Sheinbein, Venture Partner, CMEA Capital, and independent angel investor

Fresh, practical, and effective practices for taking on big leadership challenges with skill and presence.

Jeannie Coyle, former SVP of HR at American Express and co-author of Make Talent Your Business

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