“One of my top guys got an outside offer and was ready to leave the team. I’ve lost several people like this over the years. But he chose to stay. He now sees me as a manager of choice, an outcome enabled by Amiel’s coaching.”

        — Robert T, Engineering Manager, Fortune 100 company


“Amiel clearly knows how to work with strong-willed leaders who have rough edges, because I’m one of them. He can be very direct, even tough, yet you always know he’s on your side. And he gives you very specific things to practice. I’ve been telling colleagues to sign up and work with him.”

         —T. Arabi, Founder, Senior Principal Engineer, Fortune 100 company, and founder of international energy efficiency project


“The year I worked with Amiel was one of the most transformational in my adult life. With Amiel’s support, I learned to do three things that I (and my staff) didn’t at first think possible: slow down enough to truly listen to others’ ideas, empower my staff to succeed, and smile—a lot! The regular live shadowing and Amiel’s forthright feedback made a particularly big difference for me and for my team. I couldn’t recommend Amiel more highly.”

         —Elinora Yoeli, former VP of R&D, Fortune 100 company


“Amiel, thank you for your invaluable support over the past eighteen months. You helped me take this organization I inherited from my predecessor and make it my own. You challenged and supported me in ways nobody has before, and it made a big difference in how I lead, my capacity to influence, and the energy I bring to work.”

          —Finance Executive, Fortune 100 company