Why work with me

I upgrade leadership operating systems
The complexity of the world’s challenges is outpacing organizations’ capacity to handle them. How do you master 3.0 challenges with 2.0 organizations? Improving leadership competencies and skills is necessary but not sufficient. In leadership, the operating system involves the level of complexity that leaders’ minds can handle and the level of energy they bring to work. Research shows that upgrading leaders’ minds and energy from 2.0 to 3.0 enables them to make an array of changes in their competencies and skills.

I care about strategy
When you ask for our help, one of the first questions you’ll hear us ask is “to what end?” Before you invest in our services, we want to know the strategic challenges you will better master by having more capable leaders. Is it expanding market share for particular products? Transforming the organization’s culture? Improving cycle times or increasing quality?

I mesh with your priorities and initiatives
Our favorite request is one that goes like this: “Our company is in the midst of a strategic change (or succession planning, talent management, etc.) and we need help developing our leaders as they go through that.” Although some coaching firms like to work “one off,” we know we add the most value when we directly support and integrate with what matters most to your organization.

I stand on a firm foundation
Intuition, simplistic models, and fads are flimsy foundations when it comes to intervening in people’s lives. A colleague of ours once said of leadership coaching that “you’re screwing around in people’s lives, so you darn better stand on something solid.” We agree. That’s why we’ve spent the past decade integrating different disciplines, research and approaches into an “integral” approach that “covers all the bases.” And we are always working to deepen this foundation.

We have more fun
Upgrading your leadership may involve heavy lifting, but it doesn’t have to feel heavy. We like to bring a light touch to our work together and find that laughter actually creates better results. We marvel at the absurdities of life. We laugh about our own assumptions and the strange things they lead us to do. Sometimes we even tell ridiculous-yet-true stories about ourselves simply to allow you to release stress.