Episode 11: Joe Greenstein on Flixster & Mindful Leadership, Pt 1 [The Amiel Show]

Behind every technology story is a business story, and behind every business story is a tale of human beings.

Take, for example, Flixster, one of my favorite iPhone apps. I use it all the time to see what movies are playing in Portland and what the critics think about them. It’s a solid and user-friendly app. That’s one reason why it’s the most popular movie review and showtime app for the iPhone, iPad, and Android. (It owns Rotten Tomatoes).

But that’s not the only reason.

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Flixster also has been a testing ground for creating feedback-rich cultures–places where people build constructive relationships and sustained results by talking candidly and respectfully about their experiences and emotions.

This is unusual!

Equally unusual are startup CEOs willing to talk openly about their own path of personal growth–not just what they’ve accomplished, but what makes them tick, how they’ve screwed up, and what they’ve learned about themselves as human beings.

That’s why I am delighted to share this interview with Joe Greenstein, co-founder of Flixster. It’s so rich I’ve divided it into two parts. Here is part 1.

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We started every company mtg with culture as the first topic, before metrics, product or sales.

—Joe Greenstein, Flixster Co-founder  Tweet this quote

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