Yesterday’s email and my anti-White-Fragility Ti-shirt

Hi Friends, My email to you yesterday—“Want resilience? (Black) American culture has you covered”—prompted numerous comments and one request. Most were about culture rather than how it makes you resilient, but it’s still early! Allow me to close the loop. 1. There was no link to the online version. Please share. Oops, true. Here it is: […]

Want resilience? (Black) American culture has you covered (July 15, 2020 issue)

Hi Friends,I hope you enjoy this week’s actionable insights. Hit Reply and let me know what you think. Black lives matter. Black heroes matter, too. This, in a nutshell, is the theme of this week’s email. I bring together in an unexpected and hopefully refreshing way two big conversations: How do you build resilience in yourself, your team, and […]

Three conversations to create pockets of certainty amidst Covid-19

Hi Friends, I call this a burst of timely wisdom. But you tell me. Is it timely? See any wisdom? Hit Reply and let me know. Why does uncertainty feel so painful? The uncertainty we all feel due to Covid-19 is gigantic in scale and enormous in emotional impact. As my seven-year-old might say, it’s […]

How to build emotional intelligence while you listen (Jan. 8, 2020 issue)

Hi friends, Happy New Year. This week I offer you two tasty and healthy conversational dishes.  Build emotional intelligence while you listen “I want to be more emotionally intelligent so I can listen better.” —Every person who has ever taken a class on the topic This is backwards. Don’t confuse emotional intelligence for a car […]

Integral Politics With Jeff Salzman (Episode 109)

integral politics

Integral politics involves appreciating what’s good, true, and beautiful and what’s missing in every worldview in our culture. This is neither the mushy middle nor mere theory, but instead a practical way forward in a puzzling world. The idea of integral politics is straightforward: listen closely to every perspective, take the best, and jettison the […]

Interview about my first book, Practice Greatness

practice greatness

  Five years ago, I published my first book, Practice Greatness: Escape Small Thinking, Listen Like A Master, And Lead With Your Best. Marissa Brassfield of Ridiculously Efficient (RE) interviewed me about it in writing. Our exchange provides a good summary of the book’s key ideas, which shape my work with clients. Many of you […]