Climate Change—Walking On A Knife’s Edge With Theo Horesh (Episode 106)

Think about climate change. This can feel like walking on a knife’s edge. This week, Theo Horesh brings this perspective and many other fresh insights to my series on sustainable business, climate change, and clean technology. Theo and I discuss what it is about human brains and human evolution that makes climate change such an […]

Climate Change & No-Matter-What Commitment With Terry Patten (Episode 105)

climate change

What if we reframed climate change as an invitation to live a full and meaningful life? For business leaders, what if it provided the catalyzing purpose that so many of us seek? For my colleagues in the field of leadership development, why not us, and why not now? The first question is the theme of […]

Episode 73: Five Pivotal Thinkers On Race With Greg Thomas [The Amiel Show]

This week, writer and public speaker Greg Thomas, CEO of the Jazz Leadership Project, helps me launch a new podcast series on the American experience of race. Greg provides a refreshing and nuanced take on a complex topic. Listen to him, and you will find that race is not just a political issue or a […]

President’s DJT’s Enneagram Type, my free new eBook

I’m pleased to announce the release of my new eBook, DJT’s Enneagram Type: The Case for Three. It’s shorter than most eBooks yet one of the most comprehensive explorations ever of a President’s personality type. For fans of the Enneagram, you’ll find it fascinating. If this sounds like you, please forward this to Enneagram friends. […]

Episode 63: Using Worldviews To Explain The Election With Cindy Wigglesworth [The Amiel Show]

Still trying to make sense of the U.S. presidential election? Me, too. This week, leadership consultant and author Cindy Wigglesworth helps us understand what happened through the lens of worldviews. With an approach called Spiral Dynamics as our guide, Cindy describes how worldviews emerge progressively as we grow, what happens when they rub against each […]

Episode 62: Crisis, Healing, Civic Engagement With Terry Patten [The Amiel Show]

It’s been two weeks since Trump’s victory shocked the world. An avid reader, I’ve been exploring 101 different interpretations of why he won, what his presidency means for the future, and what actions responsible citizens can take. I know many people who are still in shock even after undertaking practices to heal the body and […]