Episode 61: Healing Trump Shock Using The Enneagram With Roxanne Howe-Murphy [The Amiel Show]

When the world turns upside down, when all that is solid melts into air, shock is a natural response. Often, the shock is individual: Death of a loved one. A cancer diagnosis. Loss of a job or home. And then there are events like the Cuban missile crisis, the Kennedy assassination, and 9/11. The ground […]

Episode 58: My Stand On Trump and Clinton [The Amiel Show]

Last week’s post, Executive coaches are normalizing a demagogue: It’s time to stop, created quite a stir. Thank you for your comments, questions, and encouragement. I’m taking a risk using my professional platform to discuss politics, so I’m grateful the message has landed for so many of you. This week, I have more to say. […]

Episode 41: Peter Block On Ambition, Authenticity, And Community [The Amiel Show]

One of my favorites interviews of all time! In the consulting field Peter Block is a giant. His book Flawless Consulting–now in its third edition–taught us how to show up in client relationships with authenticity, rigor, and an eye for potential pitfalls. Peter also influenced a generation of managers with his book The Empowered Manager. […]