Climate Change & No-Matter-What Commitment With Terry Patten (Episode 105)

climate change

What if we reframed climate change as an invitation to live a full and meaningful life? For business leaders, what if it provided the catalyzing purpose that so many of us seek? For my colleagues in the field of leadership development, why not us, and why not now? The first question is the theme of […]

Episode 96: Three Ways To Be Happy (3-Minute Thursday)

Three ways to be happy is the topic of today’s 3-minute Thursday. My inspiration is Martin Seligman’s classic book, Authentic Happiness, which helped me cope through hard times and find joy and freedom in good times. Seligman describes the pleasure life, the engaged life, and the meaningful life. What are these and why do they […]

Episode 88: Do You Know Your People? (3-Minute Thursday)

Photo Credit: davidmoore326 Flickr via Compfight cc Do you know your people? Welcome to 3-minute Thursday. Today, I give you four questions to ask yourself about the people on your team so you can know them better tomorrow than you do today. Why is it important to get to know your people? To retain them. To […]

Prevent Your Achilles’ Heel From Becoming Achilles’ Hell

Your Achilles’ Heel can guide you on a path to Achilles’ Hell. Or, you can master it and become a better leader, partner, parent, and friend. Let me explain how this works. If you’re human, you have flaws. And there is probably one big one that can screw up your career or, at the very […]

Episode 41: Peter Block On Ambition, Authenticity, And Community [The Amiel Show]

One of my favorites interviews of all time! In the consulting field Peter Block is a giant. His book Flawless Consulting–now in its third edition–taught us how to show up in client relationships with authenticity, rigor, and an eye for potential pitfalls. Peter also influenced a generation of managers with his book The Empowered Manager. […]

Skills that are easy and effortless

What skills come easily and effortlessly to you? Are you currently getting paid to use them? These questions don’t only matter to consultants like me who choose what services to offer and how to price them. They are also relevant to people within organizations. Indeed, the strengths-based movement in talent development (Gallup, Marcus Buckingham, etc.) […]