Yesterday’s email and my anti-White-Fragility Ti-shirt

Hi Friends, My email to you yesterday—“Want resilience? (Black) American culture has you covered”—prompted numerous comments and one request. Most were about culture rather than how it makes you resilient, but it’s still early! Allow me to close the loop. 1. There was no link to the online version. Please share. Oops, true. Here it is: […]

Prevent Your Achilles’ Heel From Becoming Achilles’ Hell

Your Achilles’ Heel can guide you on a path to Achilles’ Hell. Or, you can master it and become a better leader, partner, parent, and friend. Let me explain how this works. If you’re human, you have flaws. And there is probably one big one that can screw up your career or, at the very […]

Episode 77: Presence-Based Leadership With Doug Silsbee, Part 2 [The Amiel Show]

This is part two of my interview with Doug Silsbee about his important new book: Presence-Based Leadership: Complexity Practices for Clarity, Resilience, and Results That Matter. Part one is here. In this portion of the interview, Doug walks us through the core of his book: the nine window panes through which you can view leadership. It […]

Episode 76: Presence-Based Leadership With Doug Silsbee, Part 1 [The Amiel Show]

Doug Silsbee joins me this week to discuss his remarkable new book: Presence-Based Leadership: Complexity Practices for Clarity, Resilience, and Results That Matter. The book, like Doug himself, is a grounding presence, a heart-felt invitation, and a wise synthesis. He meets you where you are—offering practical insights and clever experiments to try—and calls you to sink […]

Episode 70: Later Stages Of Leadership Maturity With Susanne Cook-Greuter [The Amiel Show]

This week on the podcast, I welcome back adult development expert, Susanne Cook-Greuter, to discuss the most advanced stages of leadership maturity. Each of these stages is both increasingly complex—bringing new capacities and new challenges—and increasingly rare. We discuss: Self-actualizing or Strategist stage Construct-aware/Ego-aware or Alchemist stage Unitive or Ironist stage Susanne and I previously […]

Episode 25: Pamela Weiss On Leading With Clarity, Courage, And Curiosity [The Amiel Show]


Pamela Weiss is an amazing coach and teacher. She has one foot in the corporate world and another in the world of Buddhism. In fact, she spans so many domains that sometimes I think she must have three or four feet. That’s why I invited her to join me for this historic (play drum roll) […]