Episode 28: Sarita Chawla On The Near Death Experience Of The Ego [The Amiel Show]


Sarita Chawla is a wise woman. Wise enough to realize that when it comes to developing people, deeper isn’t always better. It’s important to meet people where they are. In this episode, we discuss vertical development–how it differs from most approaches to leadership development and why it matters for mastery. Sarita walks us through two […]

Episode 25: Pamela Weiss On Leading With Clarity, Courage, And Curiosity [The Amiel Show]


Pamela Weiss is an amazing coach and teacher. She has one foot in the corporate world and another in the world of Buddhism. In fact, she spans so many domains that sometimes I think she must have three or four feet. That’s why I invited her to join me for this historic (play drum roll) […]

Episode 24: Amy Jen Su On Owning The Room [The Amiel Show]


Leadership presence. In some organizations, you hear the phrase all the time. Sounds impressive, but does anyone know what it actually means? Do you? Now, you’re a smart person, so let’s assume you have a definition ready at hand. Leadership presence is about how other people perceive you. And power. Through this lens, the greater […]

Episode 22: Michael Dolan On Becoming Relaxed And Present By Improving Your Workflow [The Amiel Show]


Everyone wants to know your plans for the Fourth of July. Michael Dolan has a different question: Will your mind be clear and relaxed enough to enjoy the long weekend? Or is it cluttered with unfinished actions and other “stuff?” If it’s cluttered, there’s a reason: your mind is not meant to store all the […]

Episode 17: Teri Woodland on China, leadership, and cross-cultural complexity [The Amiel Show]


A fascinating interview with Teri Woodland about developing leaders in China over the past three decades. Teri helped build McKinsey’s China practice, led the first ever business climate survey in China, served on the Board of the American Chamber of Commerce in China, and sees the complexity there as an incredible opportunity for leadership growth. […]

Episode 6: James Flaherty on How People Change and Where Excellence Lives


James Flaherty taught me how to coach, created the organization where I met my wife, and challenged me to grow myself as a person. That’s quite an influence for one person, don’t you think? In Episode 6 of The Amiel Show, I had the privilege to talk with James about some big stuff I’ve learned from […]