David Allen on the Updated (2015) Version of Getting Things Done (Episode 13)

Being one of the first to interview the world’s top productivity guru about his new book


It used to be that you were either productive or relaxed–but not both, at least at the same time. Sure, the world’s wisdom traditions have taught for centuries how to move forward in life with quiet minds. But modern organizations were slow to the game.

At least until David Allen entered the scene.

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Allen’s 2002 book Getting Things Done not only proclaimed “stress-free productivity” to be possible. It showed people how to do it. The positive results of following the system brought many grown men (and women) to tears. And it led TIME magazine to declare the book “the defining self-help business book of its time.”

On March 17, a week from today, an updated version of the book comes out. (I pre-ordered my copy on Amazon). In Episode 13 of The Amiel Show, David Allen and I discuss what’s new in this version, what’s timeless, and why power naps and someday/maybe lists make life better. We explore (times are approximate):

3:00 The new cover and style of the updated version of the book
9:00 GTD comes down to control and focus—and the five-step process
14:00 The first gateway: deciding which of your stuff is actionable
17:00 Why people often avoid deciding the next physical action
19:00 The new book – unhooking himself from specific software and tools
23:00 The Someday/Maybe list
28:30 The Baby Boomer generation as it enters “retirement”
32:00 David’s practices of being present—and taking naps
33:30 The scientific validation for “sleeping on it”

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“Almost all the cool things I’ve done in life started on my Someday/Maybe list.”

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