Episode 89: GTD And Promise-Based Management With Michael Dolan

In this week’s episode, Michael Dolan and I show you how to bring about the results you want in life by combining two powerful action frameworks: Getting Things Done (GTD) and promise-based management. GTD, also known as workflow coaching, helps you manage agreements with yourself. David Allen, my guest on episode 13, outlined this model […]

David Allen on the Updated (2015) Version of Getting Things Done (Episode 13)


hon·or    /ˈänər/     Noun Being one of the first to interview the world’s top productivity guru about his new book   It used to be that you were either productive or relaxed–but not both, at least at the same time. Sure, the world’s wisdom traditions have taught for centuries how to move forward in life with […]

Episode 2: Michael Dolan on Relaxed Productivity and Removing “Stuff” from Your Psyche [The Amiel Show]


In episode 2 of The Amiel Show, Michael Dolan of Truly Productive Leadership and I speak about: How Michael learned the Getting Things Done (GTD) approach The biggest barriers he sees to relaxed productivity The importance of managing agreements with yourself Why it is important to collect all of the stuff swimming around in your psyche […]

ASAP Is A Four-Letter Word


Want to get things done more smoothly and reduce the number of crossed wires in your life? Then stop saying “As Soon As Possible” (ASAP). Today. On the surface, ASAP is useful in conveying urgency. It says I’m in a hurry, so do this fast. It also rolls off the lips easily. The two syllables […]