Words to grow by

Hi Friends, I hope you enjoy this week’s actionable insights. Hit Reply and let me know what you think. Free up time to think using these three steps Your back-to-back meeting schedule is breaking backs—yours and others’. You need time to think, and others need you to bring your best ideas and presence. Plus, if you […]

This high school experience is why I help some leaders gain power and others use it responsibly

Hi Friends, This week: a personal story about power and my heart, what I’m reading, and a marital example of minimum effective dose. Hit Reply and let me know what you think. Why I help some leaders gain power and others use it responsibly I’ve never shared this publicly. In high school, by outward appearance, […]

Putting yourself in their shoes is a conversational skill you can practice

In the last newsletter, I introduced the concept of “conversation supplements.” These are specific ways of speaking and listening that put good leadership advice into action. Now it’s time for an example! The wise teacher I’m supplementing this week is Jennifer Garvey Berger, a frequent guest on my podcast. In a recent blog post, Jennifer describes why you […]

Why “aha” moments need conversation supplements (Jan. 22, 2020 issue)

Hi friends, This week I introduce the notion of conversation supplements and describe how I’m correcting a category error I’ve made in my work. “Aha” moments need conversation supplements You read an article about how to grow as a leader, something that resonates. There are now three of these in my Linked In feed: the power of […]

How to build emotional intelligence while you listen (Jan. 8, 2020 issue)

Hi friends, Happy New Year. This week I offer you two tasty and healthy conversational dishes.  Build emotional intelligence while you listen “I want to be more emotionally intelligent so I can listen better.” —Every person who has ever taken a class on the topic This is backwards. Don’t confuse emotional intelligence for a car […]

Why pausing makes you smarter (Dec. 18, 2019 issue)

Hi friends, The other day, I was minding my own business, thinking small thoughts devoid of insight or humor, when I came across this quote from a writer claiming to be my taller, stronger younger brother. As you’ll see, it’s the perfect lead in for today’s email. “I always say “yes” — even when no one is asking […]