Interview about my first book, Practice Greatness

practice greatness

  Five years ago, I published my first book, Practice Greatness: Escape Small Thinking, Listen Like A Master, And Lead With Your Best. Marissa Brassfield of Ridiculously Efficient (RE) interviewed me about it in writing. Our exchange provides a good summary of the book’s key ideas, which shape my work with clients. Many of you […]

Episode 57: Servant Leadership At Zingerman’s With Ari Weinzweig [The Amiel Show]

In 2003 Inc magazine called the Zingerman’s Community of Businesses the “coolest small business in America.” Step inside the Zingerman’s Deli or any of its other businesses, and you’ll quickly see why. There is a buzz in the air. An aliveness. Customers and employees alike seem genuinely happy to be there. It’s as though there […]

Episode 35: Doc Parsley on How Sleep Makes Everything Better [The Amiel Show]

Sleep helps you perform better at everything. Everything. At work. At home. And all the places in between. Now, what if you’re less interested in doing more than in being the best version of yourself? Sleeps helps there, too. This is the message of Doctor Kirk Parsley, known widely as Doc Parsley. He is a […]

The 6 Causes of Overscheduling–And What To Do About Them


Let’s talk about overscheduling. Are you wishing you could spend more time in meetings? I didn’t think so. Most people managers have entered the era of back-to-back-to-back-to-back meetings—and that’s on a light day! Apart from being a time drain, this crazy schedule makes people tired and grumpy. Not exactly a recipe for success. Indeed, research shows […]

Flipping Complaints to Commitments (Jedi Leadership Tricks)

As you spend more time watching how you interact with others, you may notice something about your conversations. Specifically, that you bitch and moan about things that bother you. Maybe not every minute, but probably a few times a day. What’s the problem with bitching and moaning? After all, everybody does it. Three things: You feel […]

Politics Is Not Optional: The Case of the Weakened Boss


The three biggest mistakes I’ve made as an executive coach in the past decade have one thing in common: organizational politics. In each case, I failed to sufficiently prepare the leaders I was coaching for power moves at senior levels that could—and did—affect them. Here’s the thing. Few people would call me naive. I’m biologically […]