Seven pivotal conversations to have this week with colleagues and family

Seven conversations

Dear Friends, Surreal and uncertain times call for deep attention to what conversations we have, with whom, and why.  Here are seven conversations you may find valuable having with your family, team, and colleagues this week while working from home. Hit Reply and let me know what you think or which you may try. When […]

Three questions on my mind today [new post]

It’s been over a month since I’ve shared a podcast episode or blog post. How are you doing? What questions are on your mind? Here are three questions that I’ve been wrestling/playing with in different domains of my life: Executive coaching. How can I support and challenge leaders to practice new conversations on the job? […]

Stop Agreeing To Unclear Requests

unclear requests

Unclear requests wreak havoc in organizations, families, friendships, and civic life. This is particularly true when the one receiving the request blindly says “yes.” What is an unclear request? It’s when you ask me to do something but are vague about what you want. Scenario A: Omission of the “What” Imagine that you are the design manager for a team creating […]

Leadership Coaches for Steady Hands on the Nuclear Codes [New Post]

I won’t coach a leader with an untreated mental illness. They need to be in a different room with a different person. It’s a basic standard in executive coaching. I never thought I’d need to apply the same principle to voting for President. Every major party candidate in my lifetime has been relatively sane. I […]

Episode 50: Chris Chittenden on Real Accountability [The Amiel Show]

Think that accountability is just about the organizational structure–about who reports to whom? Think again. Listen to the Podcast This is a key message of Chris Chittenden, my guest this week on the podcast. When you look at how work actually gets done, it lives in the conversations between people. If you’re upset at someone […]

Episode 32: Turn Toward Others, A Jedi Leadership Trick [The Amiel Show]

In this 7 minute episode, I describe a simple and powerful method for increasing trust with others. Learn how to improve relationships even while disagreeing with others. And how to turn microscopic interactions into positive changes in your public identity. Listen to the Podcast Subscribe to the Show on iTunes (It’s Easy!) Sign into iTunes […]