Four ways to ask for a promotion with vastly different results

ask for a promotion

Ask for a promotion if you aren’t offered one You don’t ask for a promotion because you want your boss to offer it to you. Getting offered a promotion feels great. She does the hard thinking. You don’t have to go to her, because she comes to you. And you are now in the driver’s seat. […]

Episode 89: GTD And Promise-Based Management With Michael Dolan

In this week’s episode, Michael Dolan and I show you how to bring about the results you want in life by combining two powerful action frameworks: Getting Things Done (GTD) and promise-based management. GTD, also known as workflow coaching, helps you manage agreements with yourself. David Allen, my guest on episode 13, outlined this model […]

Episode 84: Kavanaugh/Ford From Seven Angles [The Amiel Show]

This week I look at the Kavanaugh/Ford hearings and the conversations about it from seven different perspectives. You will quickly discover how deeply immersed (OK, obsessed) I’ve been the past couple of weeks, how closely I’ve followed both the minute facts and the larger political and cultural story, and, at times, how emotionally involved I’ve […]

Episode 79: Integral Mashup On Managing Promises [The Amiel Show]

Introducing… the first integral mashup on managing promises. I’ve pulled short audio clips from five past interviews and added my own commentary—all on the topic of how we get things done in life through conversation. This is my favorite topic in leadership development, particularly when meshed with other valuable frames, like the idea that we are […]

Episode 67: Lies, Authority, And Assessments With Chris Chittenden [The Amiel Show]

How is a lie different from an ungrounded assessment, and why does this matter in leadership? Where does a leader’s authority come from? What happens when you provide a well-grounded assessment that doesn’t matter to anyone listening? I have a hunch that your answers to these questions will help you understand the peculiar and disturbing […]

The Four Things People May Mean When They Say “I Trust You”


When someone says “I trust you,” it feels great to hear, but what do they mean? If it’s not entirely clear, rest assured that you’re not alone. The person speaking to you probably doesn’t know exactly what they mean. That’s because trust isn’t one thing. It’s four. This is true whether the topic is others’ trust […]