Integral Politics With Jeff Salzman (Episode 109)

integral politics

Integral politics involves appreciating what’s good, true, and beautiful and what’s missing in every worldview in our culture. This is neither the mushy middle nor mere theory, but instead a practical way forward in a puzzling world. The idea of integral politics is straightforward: listen closely to every perspective, take the best, and jettison the […]

Episode 84: Kavanaugh/Ford From Seven Angles [The Amiel Show]

This week I look at the Kavanaugh/Ford hearings and the conversations about it from seven different perspectives. You will quickly discover how deeply immersed (OK, obsessed) I’ve been the past couple of weeks, how closely I’ve followed both the minute facts and the larger political and cultural story, and, at times, how emotionally involved I’ve […]

Episode 63: Using Worldviews To Explain The Election With Cindy Wigglesworth [The Amiel Show]

Still trying to make sense of the U.S. presidential election? Me, too. This week, leadership consultant and author Cindy Wigglesworth helps us understand what happened through the lens of worldviews. With an approach called Spiral Dynamics as our guide, Cindy describes how worldviews emerge progressively as we grow, what happens when they rub against each […]

Episode 62: Crisis, Healing, Civic Engagement With Terry Patten [The Amiel Show]

It’s been two weeks since Trump’s victory shocked the world. An avid reader, I’ve been exploring 101 different interpretations of why he won, what his presidency means for the future, and what actions responsible citizens can take. I know many people who are still in shock even after undertaking practices to heal the body and […]

Episode 61: Healing Trump Shock Using The Enneagram With Roxanne Howe-Murphy [The Amiel Show]

When the world turns upside down, when all that is solid melts into air, shock is a natural response. Often, the shock is individual: Death of a loved one. A cancer diagnosis. Loss of a job or home. And then there are events like the Cuban missile crisis, the Kennedy assassination, and 9/11. The ground […]

Unpacking the crash

On November 22, the New York Times ran a long article detailing the organizational and managerial problems behind the crash of  Art Kleiner, editor-in-chief of strategy+business, calls this “one of the most important articles on management this year.” I agree. Kleiner goes on to suggest that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is a test case […]