Women leaders’ double bind in one graph

Hi Friends,

Here’s something I sketched a while back. It’s based on stories I heard from clients and interviews from the podcast.

  • What this says: women leaders who thrive walk a fine line between being too assertive and not assertive enough. Men typically have more leeway.
  • What this is: an orienting generalization. It offers a valuable insight but doesn’t intend to apply to every person and situation.
  • What this isn’t: an indictment of men…or women…or coaches, who are supposed to help make all of this better!
  • What’s amazing: how many women leaders navigate this terrain with finesse
  • What’s missing: unconscious bias, leadership styles, levels of leadership maturity, women-run organizations, women’s shadows, and 99 other dimensions of our complex reality

What do you make of this?

Master difficult conversations

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Cheerfully real,
Amiel Handelsman

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