Leading When You’re Ticked Off

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From the Introduction:

“Sometimes it’s hard to recognize the person you used to be. For example, before I decided to shave my head, I had hair. Before that, I had a lot of hair—so much, in fact, that kids in high school would tease me about it. “Amiel,” one clever fellow would say before Physics class, “how many showers did you have to take yesterday to wash all that hair?” Ouch—that one still stings. But here’s the thing. If you show people who know me today a photo of that thick-haired kid, they won’t believe it’s me. In fact, I don’t believe it’s me. The guy with all the hair and the guy with a shaved head are different people. Isn’t it obvious?”

“Changing on the inside operates the same way. Even if your DNA is identical and your body shape remains similar, the way you make sense of your experience can shift dramatically. Things that used to provoke outbursts of rage become minor nuisances. Meanwhile, people, ideas, and conversations that before were completely foreign to you can move to the center of your life. So, when you look back and compare who you were then to the person you are today, you may feel confused. Was that really me—or wasn’t it? Have I really changed—or haven’t I? And if I have changed, what makes me think that this is the final destination? What would it be like to develop myself further, and how can I raise the odds of that happening?”

“These questions are deeply human. They are also profoundly about leadership.”

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