Interview about my first book, Practice Greatness

practice greatness

  Five years ago, I published my first book, Practice Greatness: Escape Small Thinking, Listen Like A Master, And Lead With Your Best. Marissa Brassfield of Ridiculously Efficient (RE) interviewed me about it in writing. Our exchange provides a good summary of the book’s key ideas, which shape my work with clients. Many of you […]

No More Feedback With Carol Sanford (Episode 103)

  This week, contrarian business thought leader Carol Sanford joins me to discuss her new book, No More Feedback. If the title strikes you as both surprising and unnerving, welcome to the club. Within organizations giving and receiving feedback are widely considered noble acts. Although we may not be competent at feedback, we know it’s […]

Episode 35: Doc Parsley on How Sleep Makes Everything Better [The Amiel Show]

Sleep helps you perform better at everything. Everything. At work. At home. And all the places in between. Now, what if you’re less interested in doing more than in being the best version of yourself? Sleeps helps there, too. This is the message of Doctor Kirk Parsley, known widely as Doc Parsley. He is a […]

Episode 27: Nina Teicholz On The Big Fat Surprise


What if everything you thought was true about nutrition turned out to be wrong? If this doesn’t sound like a leadership question, think again. What you eat has dramatic impact on The physical and emotional energy you bring to work Your capacity to stay healthy and free of heart disease, obesity, and cancer How long […]