How to build emotional intelligence while you listen (Jan. 8, 2020 issue)

Hi friends, Happy New Year. This week I offer you two tasty and healthy conversational dishes.  Build emotional intelligence while you listen “I want to be more emotionally intelligent so I can listen better.” —Every person who has ever taken a class on the topic This is backwards. Don’t confuse emotional intelligence for a car […]

Episode 55 Charles Duhigg on Smarter Faster Better [The Amiel Show]

Charles Duhigg’s first book The Power of Habit spent over a year on the New York Times bestseller list. In addition to being popular, it was darn good. So when I heard he was coming out with a second book, Smarter Faster Better, I invited him for an interview. After several back and forth emails with […]

Episode 52: The Rise And Fall Of Blackberry With Jacquie McNish [The Amiel Show]

Listen to the Podcast On Tuesday Blackberry announced it was discontinuing the Blackberry Classic smartphone. I never owned a Blackberry, but my wife did when I first met her 13 years ago. Although she never treated it as a Crackberry, it did seem to follow her everywhere. The Blackberry ruled the universe for many years. […]