Episode 42: Lisa Marshall On Exiting, Firing, and Burnout Nation [The Amiel Show]

Sometimes it takes a wise voice unperturbed by convention to make us radically rethink everyday acts. Consider these questions: How do you lay someone off? How can you exit an organization gracefully? What does it take to make meetings juicier? Lisa Marshall wants you to consider these questions with greater maturity, clarity, and thoughtfulness. That […]

What’s on my head today

And on a lighter note… Have a lot on your mind? Then maybe it’s time to put something on your head. Like this head cushion created by back pain expert Esther Gokhale. It’s a handsome addition, don’t you think? Today it accompanied me on the half-mile walk from our home to my office. The cushion […]

Episode 7: Bob Dunham On Reliable Promises And Listening For Commitment


Amazing things happen when you remove your blinders and see what it actually takes to coordinate action with others. First, you focus on how we make commitments to each other through conversation. Then, you realize that listening isn’t about being nice. It’s about producing reliable promises. Finally, you take seriously the notion that your public […]

How To Regain Center After The Bull Strikes


He came after me like a bull charging a matador. “What’s your success rate? I need numbers. What percentage of your clients get promotions?” These were fair questions for a prospective client interview, and I’d heard them before. But this man, an up-and-coming executive,¬†delivered them with an intensity and ferocity that was surprising. He was […]