Episode 68: Timeless Wisdom For Men With Sean LeClaire [The Amiel Show]

Men, this episode is for you. Executive coach and author Sean Casey LeClaire joins me to describe his remarkable journey from a rough-and-tumble working poor hometown through flirtation with a professional sports career toward early success as an advertising executive and then discovery of what he calls “timeless wisdom.” This interview is filled with heartfelt […]

I get interviewed plus my role in Duke’s national title

After a two week hiatus for “spring break,” the podcast will return next week. In the meantime, some exciting updates: Good interview with me about improving results by coordinating action with others Jack Butler did a bang up job interviewing me recently. It’s a 45 minute summary of how to to get what you ask […]

David Allen on the Updated (2015) Version of Getting Things Done (Episode 13)


hon·or    /ˈänər/     Noun Being one of the first to interview the world’s top productivity guru about his new book   It used to be that you were either productive or relaxed–but not both, at least at the same time. Sure, the world’s wisdom traditions have taught for centuries how to move forward in life with […]

Before You Lean In, Own Your Space


Fifteen months ago, Sheryl Sandberg‘s book Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead came out and took the country by storm. Grounded in research and filled with personal anecdotes, the book sparked a national conversation about power, privilege, and the distribution of responsibilities between women and men in the workplace and at home. I’ve […]

The secret link between leading and parenting

Leading and parenting require dramatically different skills, styles, and approaches. That’s why I cringe when, after I’ve shown a leader how to hold an effective conversation with his peers, he says, “I could really use this with my kids.” Yikes! It would be one thing if the kids were 25 or 30 years old, but typically […]