Episode 102: Two Feet, Five Breaths (3-Minute Thursday)

Welcome to 3-minute Thursday. This week I introduce a way to bring more ease into your day. The practice is called Two Feet, Five Breaths. It takes one minute and requires no equipment. All you need is a place to sit and some form of breathing apparatus. (I recommend the lungs.) The other great thing […]

Episode 96: Three Ways To Be Happy (3-Minute Thursday)

Three ways to be happy is the topic of today’s 3-minute Thursday. My inspiration is Martin Seligman’s classic book, Authentic Happiness, which helped me cope through hard times and find joy and freedom in good times. Seligman describes the pleasure life, the engaged life, and the meaningful life. What are these and why do they […]

Episode 94: You Can Practice Better Than That (3-Minute Thursday)

  You can practice better than that. Seriously. It’s time to raise the bar in organizations around how we practice leadership. That’s why we’ve looked at how to practice leadership directly and on-the-job. But what, you might wonder, are these an alternative to? What are the most common current methods for improving as leaders? Listen in […]

Episode 92: Practicing Leadership On-The-Job (3-Minute Thursday)

(Delayed due to technical glitch. The gorilla sat on my media server. I swear.) Practicing leadership on the job. It’s the single best way to improve what you do and who you are becoming as a leader. Practicing leadership on the job involves learning while you work. This is different from practicing leadership directly, the […]

Episode 90: Practice Leadership Like Athletes And Chess Masters (3-Minute Thursday)

Practice leadership like athletes and chess masters! Welcome to 3-minute Thursday. Today’s episode is about four ways you can improve your leadership by emulating top performers in sports, chess, and the arts. Let’s say you want to become more skillful at having rigorous and respectful conversations with others. In my first book, Practice Greatness, I […]

Episode 88: Do You Know Your People? (3-Minute Thursday)

Photo Credit: davidmoore326 Flickr via Compfight cc Do you know your people? Welcome to 3-minute Thursday. Today, I give you four questions to ask yourself about the people on your team so you can know them better tomorrow than you do today. Why is it important to get to know your people? To retain them. To […]