Episode 12: Joe Greenstein on Flixster & Mindful Leadership, Pt 2 [The Amiel Show]

Here is part 2 of my conversation with Joe Greenstein, co-founder of Flixster, about his story of inner growth and business leadership. For part 1, click here.

In this conversation, Joe and I discuss:

  • The three most common thoughts in his mind that he’s learned to take less seriously
  • How he introduced everyone at Flixster to feedback conversations
  • How to use feedback to create a more enjoyable, effective, and real work environment
  • The big illusion in life that there is only one reality
  • InnerSpace, his new nonprofit venture serving start-up founders
  • What Joe is personally practicing today to grow as a person

I really enjoyed this conversation and hope you will, too!

Master difficult conversations

Learn my best tips for staying cool under pressure and elevating your leadership in complex times.




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The group made me stand & list 10 things I was proud of. I almost cried.

-Joe Greenstein, Flixster Co-founder Tweet this quote

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