Episode 15: Cliff Atkinson on giving high-stakes presentations [The Amiel Show]

Cliff Atkinson wants you to nail your presentations–particularly when the stakes are high.

Cliff designed the slides that won a $253 million jury verdict in Texas. And he wrote a book called Beyond Bullet Points that shows how to truly inspire and inform people. In episode 15 of The Amiel Show, he tells the back story of that trial and describes how to start strong, break presentations into powerful chunks, and create effective slides.


Master difficult conversations

Learn my best tips for staying cool under pressure and elevating your leadership in complex times.


We discuss:

  • 4:00 The back story to Cliff’s work in the Vioxx case
  • 12:00 Strong openings. Don’t start with an agenda
  • 19:00 People like mysteries and challenges
  • 26:00 Start with the story, then create the graphics
  • 32:00 Make information easy to digest. Stop overwhelming people
  • 38:00 Start with a powerful visual, not your agenda or corporate overview
  • 44:00 How we’ve misused PowerPoint
  • 47:00 Chart junk
  • 48:30 Corporate capabilities presentations are about the wrong people
  • 63:00 How groups can collaborate

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“It’s not about us being the hero. It’s about our audience being the hero.”

–Cliff Atkinson Tweet this quote

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