How to build emotional intelligence while you listen (Jan. 8, 2020 issue)

Hi friends, Happy New Year. This week I offer you two tasty and healthy conversational dishes.  Build emotional intelligence while you listen “I want to be more emotionally intelligent so I can listen better.” —Every person who has ever taken a class on the topic This is backwards. Don’t confuse emotional intelligence for a car […]

Why pausing makes you smarter (Dec. 18, 2019 issue)

Hi friends, The other day, I was minding my own business, thinking small thoughts devoid of insight or humor, when I came across this quote from a writer claiming to be my taller, stronger younger brother. As you’ll see, it’s the perfect lead in for today’s email. “I always say “yes” — even when no one is asking […]

Don’t bet everything on the heart (Dec. 11, 2019 issue)

Hi friends, Last week I repaired the dishwasher, took two boys to Lice Knowing You, and planted a tree. But enough about me. Let’s talk about our hearts, his impeachment, your sanity, and why I love the Enneagram despite the risks of misuse. Don’t bet everything on the heart When it comes to encouraging the heart, I’m […]

Why Covey’s fifth habit doesn’t work for everyone (Dec. 3, 2019 issue)

Hi friends, Starting today, you can find my newsletters archived here on my web site. This is based on requests from folks who prefer sharing links over forwarding emails. More proof of a key message of this newsletter: different folks need different strokes in leadership…and the rest of life. Grand Theft Leadership Training “I woke […]

Here’s why deep work isn’t for everyone (Nov. 12, 2019 issue)

Hi friend, In the words of Visa founder Dee Hock, it’s far too late and things are far too bad to be pessimistic. So big smile, buckle your seatbelts and prepare for flight. We’ll be ascending above the dark clouds of generic advice and flying around the Bermuda Triangle of impractical concepts. Our destination: the […]