Three conversations to create pockets of certainty amidst Covid-19

Hi Friends, I call this a burst of timely wisdom. But you tell me. Is it timely? See any wisdom? Hit Reply and let me know. Why does uncertainty feel so painful? The uncertainty we all feel due to Covid-19 is gigantic in scale and enormous in emotional impact. As my seven-year-old might say, it’s […]

Women leaders’ double bind in one graph

women leaders

Hi Friends, Here’s something I sketched a while back. It’s based on stories I heard from clients and interviews from the podcast. What this says: women leaders who thrive walk a fine line between being too assertive and not assertive enough. Men typically have more leeway. What this is: an orienting generalization. It offers a valuable […]

Three ways in complex times to ensure you’re in the same conversation with others (April 2, 2020 issue)

Hi Friends, I hope you find this week’s actionable insights relevant to your life in these complex times. Hit Reply and let me know what you think. Covid-19 and the end of the Billionaire/Navy Seal exemplar In books about leadership and high performance, billionaires and Navy Seals are everywhere. This billionaire shows you how to optimize […]

Seven pivotal conversations to have this week with colleagues and family

Seven conversations

Dear Friends, Surreal and uncertain times call for deep attention to what conversations we have, with whom, and why.  Here are seven conversations you may find valuable having with your family, team, and colleagues this week while working from home. Hit Reply and let me know what you think or which you may try. When […]

Five keys to influencing up (Feb 19, 2020 issue)

Hi Friends, More mid-week actionable insights! Let me know what you think by hitting Reply. Five keys to influencing up Want to shape how a senior executive sees you? Here are five keys: Discover how she sees you today.  What’s her current take on you? What’s behind this assessment? Before influencing, let yourself be influenced. […]

Putting yourself in their shoes is a conversational skill you can practice

In the last newsletter, I introduced the concept of “conversation supplements.” These are specific ways of speaking and listening that put good leadership advice into action. Now it’s time for an example! The wise teacher I’m supplementing this week is Jennifer Garvey Berger, a frequent guest on my podcast. In a recent blog post, Jennifer describes why you […]