Why Covey’s fifth habit doesn’t work for everyone (Dec. 3, 2019 issue)

Hi friends, Starting today, you can find my newsletters archived here on my web site. This is based on requests from folks who prefer sharing links over forwarding emails. More proof of a key message of this newsletter: different folks need different strokes in leadership…and the rest of life. Grand Theft Leadership Training “I woke […]

Here’s why deep work isn’t for everyone (Nov. 12, 2019 issue)

Hi friend, In the words of Visa founder Dee Hock, it’s far too late and things are far too bad to be pessimistic. So big smile, buckle your seatbelts and prepare for flight. We’ll be ascending above the dark clouds of generic advice and flying around the Bermuda Triangle of impractical concepts. Our destination: the […]

Why you have to be good before you can be real (Oct. 30, 2019 issue)

Hi friend, This week’s newsletter includes several short sections. Each provides a different angle on growing yourself as a person through conversation. Because in leading, parenting, and marriage, how you speak and listen is where where the rubber meets the road. Conversations aren’t just about results. They are how you become. This newsletter gives you […]

Collaborative Leadership Through Jazz With Greg Thomas & Jewel Kinch-Thomas (Episode 110)

Greg Thomas (who previously spoke with me here and here) and Jewel Kinch-Thomas of the Jazz Leadership Project join me to explore the extraordinary ways that jazz builds collaborative leadership. This is one of the most enjoyable conversations I’ve had on the podcast. I learned new ways of thinking about group flow states, elite performance, […]