Best. Performance. Review. Ever.

OK, so maybe I overdid it with my rant last week about the annual performance review. Perhaps there is a way to make this (horrendous and widely despised) system work. I’ve been thinking long and hard, and here’s what I’ve come up with. The Best Performance Review Ever Boss, walking down the hallway: Amiel, it’s […]

The One Thing I Love To Rant About

Complaining about things that suck is overrated. However, annual performance reviews are even more overrated. And that’s saying something, because everyone loathes them. Seriously, have you ever once met someone willing to defend them? I mean, c’mon, what are they going to say? “Look, folks, I know you hate them. I know they’re a waste […]

Prof. Samuel Cuthbert’s take-down of the performance review


In an excellent interview with Mark Graban, Professor Samuel Cuthbert of UCLA has this to say about the performance review: Performance reviews, in my mind, are a dishonest, fraudulent practice carried out and justified on grounds I have no idea, they never hold any water and they work against everybody. It sounds at first like […]