Episode 91: Agile Leadership With Jonathan Reams

Agile Leadership. The word “agility” has many meanings. As kids, we prided ourselves on being physically agile at sports–or disappointed by our lack of agility. In software, agile is a methodology and set of principles for producing products and engaging teams. What about in leadership? This week’s guest, Jonathan Reams, joins me to explore agile […]

Episode 83: Sexual Polarity In Marriage With Keith Witt [The Amiel Show]

I’ve finally done it. I’ve recorded an interview that should not be played in the workplace. It’s perfect for the car ride home or a weekend getaway with your partner. But do not listen to this with your coworkers over lunch or in a leadership team retreat. This episode is about sex, specifically in the […]

Episode 81: How Couples Grow Together Into “First Love” With Tom Habib [The Amiel Show]

This episode is for people in relatively healthy relationships who are wondering: what else is possible for us? Couples go through stages of growth. Over the past several decades, a new stage has broadly emerged that was barely visible before. Its features include: Balance between giving and receiving Successful patterns for managing tasks, sharing responsibilities, […]

Episode 80: White Nationalism And Male Identity with Elizabeth Debold [The Amiel Show]

A year ago Sunday, white nationalists marched on Charlottesville, Virginia carrying torches and chanting “blood and soil” and “Jews will not replace us.” It was not a pretty sight. Most people I know found it abhorrent. The author Ta-Nehisi Coates did, too, but he wasn’t surprised. In an earlier episode Diane Woods explained why. The […]

Episode 38: Dr. Keith Witt On Creating A Marital Love Affair [The Amiel Show]

For the past few years, I have identified a “personal hero of the year,” someone who has inspired me to be a wiser, more loving, and more courageous person. In 2015, my personal hero of the year was marriage expert Dr. Keith Witt. Dr. Keith is an integral psychotherapist, author, big thinker, and “therapist in […]