Episode 31: Hilary Bradbury On Women, Men, Power, And Eros [The Amiel Show]

Ready for a candid and edgy conversation about power relationships between women and men in the workplace?

Then you’ll want to download this episode and listen on your next car ride, walk, or flight.

Hilary Bradbury joins me to discuss her provocative and inspiring new book, Eros/Power: Love In The Spirit of Inquiry, which you can purchase here.  In this book, Hilary and her coauthor, Bill Torbert, a previous guest on the podcast, use their own autobiographical stories to reveal important yet often hidden dynamics that trip up leaders at work and in the rest of life.

Join me as I talk with this trailblazing leadership coach, organizational consultant, and professor.



  • First, second, and third person conversations (7:55)
  • The day Hilary got fired, then met Bill Torbert (18:00)
  • The “odd duality” women have about telling the truth (22:00)
  • Being an “eros bomb”, evoking confusion in Bill, and not realizing it (26:30)
  • Having crushes at work is different from acting them out (32:30)
  • Hilary and Bill’s most painful conflict with each other (38:50)
  • How Hilary’s Enneagram type–The Challenger–shows up in her work (48:30)
  • Bill’s great advice for Hilary on handling sexual harassment from a senior colleague of hers (55:10)
  • Hilary’s heartfelt apology and Bill’s graceful response (1:01.00)
  • Hilary’s angrily tells her life partner “I’m not your junior partner” (1:05.00)
  • Hilary and her partner’s weekly relationship-enhancing practice (1:11.00)

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“It’s a tricky thing when women & men try to do this power dance with integrity”

—Hilary Bradbury   Tweet this quote

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Episode 20: Robert Augustus Masters On True Masculine Power [The Amiel Show]

Men, listen up. This one’s for you.

In Episode 20 of the podcast, I speak with Robert Augustus Masters, author of the new book To Be A Man: A Guide to True Masculine Power.

Robert models the kind of manhood he aims to foster in the world: big heart, sharp mind, and firm backbone. Compassion without the B.S.

This is one interview you won’t want to miss. Whether you are a man or a woman.



  • 6:00 Shame: what it is and why men need to face it head on
  • 16:30 How to make an authentic apology
  • 20:30 Why the movie Fight Club is popular with so many men
  • 25:00 The difference between empathy and putting up with bullshit
  • 26:30 Why men love giving and receiving healthy challenges
  • 31:00 Bringing together your heart and guts at home and work
  • 36:30 The challenge of dealing a with a difficult boss
  • 46:00 What’s possible for men in the later stages of life
  • 48:00 How Robert practices gratitude

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