Episode 54: Geoff Bellman on The Consultant’s Calling, Money, And Power [The Amiel Show]

This week I speak with Geoff Bellman, author of The Consultants Calling: Bringing Who You Are To What You Do. This was the first book that told me — when I read it in 1993 — that it was OK to be myself while working. What a novel idea! Geoff has seen a lot and […]

Episode 51: The Manly Apology, A Jedi Leadership Trick [The Amiel Show]

Women apologize too often. Men apologize too little. Not just at home, but in the workplace. Maybe even more so in the workplace. Listen to the Podcast In this episode, I challenge men to give more apologies, to do it in a real way, and to stop making lame excuses for not apologizing. I also […]

Episode 49: Ed Schein On Humble Consulting [The Amiel Show]

How do you help employees become more engaged? How do you retain your best people? How, on any organizational challenge, do you provide real help faster? Ed Schein answers this question in his brand new book, Humble Consulting. One thing you don’t do, he says, is conduct six-month assessments of an organization’s problems or culture. […]

Episode 24: Amy Jen Su On Owning The Room [The Amiel Show]


Leadership presence. In some organizations, you hear the phrase all the time. Sounds impressive, but does anyone know what it actually means? Do you? Now, you’re a smart person, so let’s assume you have a definition ready at hand. Leadership presence is about how other people perceive you. And power. Through this lens, the greater […]

Episode 9: Tim Fort On Leadership And Integrity [The Amiel Show]

The most I laughed in graduate school was in a class on Business Ethics. Does that surprise you? It sure blew my mind. After all, ethics has a reputation for being part tranquilizer, part antagonist. If it doesn’t put you to sleep with simple axioms, it rankles you through coerced thinking. Right? Not in our […]