Episode 66: Men’s Sexual Shadow At Work With Keith Witt [The Amiel Show]

Men who are conscious of their sexual shadows at work are better leaders. They are less likely to do stupid things like sexually harass women or have illicit affairs. By spending less energy fighting their shadows, they can use their human superpowers to do good things like build great teams and guide them toward a […]

Episode 60: Being A Good Guy, Breaking With The Bro Code With Janet Crawford [The Amiel Show]

Are you a man who wants to support women and under-represented minorities in your organization? In short, would you like to be a good guy? If so, then you may wonder How exactly can I be a good guy? The answer may surprise you. It is not enough to track numbers or avoid discrimination and […]

Episode 58: My Stand On Trump and Clinton [The Amiel Show]

Last week’s post, Executive coaches are normalizing a demagogue: It’s time to stop, created quite a stir. Thank you for your comments, questions, and encouragement. I’m taking a risk using my professional platform to discuss politics, so I’m grateful the message has landed for so many of you. This week, I have more to say. […]

Executive coaches are normalizing a demagogue. It’s time to stop.

  This will ruffle feathers, but I have to say it: don’t normalize a demagogue. The field in which I work, executive coaching, faces an identity crisis. We claim to stand for better leadership. It’s part of our core promise to clients. Yet we often get mired in mushy talk about style, treating people as […]

Episode 57: Servant Leadership At Zingerman’s With Ari Weinzweig [The Amiel Show]

In 2003 Inc magazine called the Zingerman’s Community of Businesses the “coolest small business in America.” Step inside the Zingerman’s Deli or any of its other businesses, and you’ll quickly see why. There is a buzz in the air. An aliveness. Customers and employees alike seem genuinely happy to be there. It’s as though there […]

Episode 56: Charles Feltman On The Four Kinds Of Trust [The Amiel Show]

When you say that you “trust” someone–or that someone else “trusts” you–what exactly do you mean? We toss the word “trust” around left and right. We make major life decisions based on it. But what does the word actually mean? If you want to improve relationships and outcomes at work and beyond, a simple unified […]