Episode 60: Being A Good Guy, Breaking With The Bro Code With Janet Crawford [The Amiel Show]

Are you a man who wants to support women and under-represented minorities in your organization? In short, would you like to be a good guy? If so, then you may wonder How exactly can I be a good guy? The answer may surprise you. It is not enough to track numbers or avoid discrimination and […]

Episode 51: The Manly Apology, A Jedi Leadership Trick [The Amiel Show]

Women apologize too often. Men apologize too little. Not just at home, but in the workplace. Maybe even more so in the workplace. Listen to the Podcast In this episode, I challenge men to give more apologies, to do it in a real way, and to stop making lame excuses for not apologizing. I also […]

Episode 31: Hilary Bradbury On Women, Men, Power, And Eros [The Amiel Show]


Ready for a candid and edgy conversation about power relationships between women and men in the workplace? Then you’ll want to download this episode and listen on your next car ride, walk, or flight. Hilary Bradbury joins me to discuss her provocative and inspiring new book, Eros/Power: Love In The Spirit of Inquiry,¬†which you can […]

Episode 20: Robert Augustus Masters On True Masculine Power [The Amiel Show]


Men, listen up. This one’s for you. In Episode 20 of the podcast, I speak with Robert Augustus Masters, author of the new book To Be A Man: A Guide to True Masculine Power. Robert models the kind of manhood he aims to foster in the world: big heart, sharp mind, and firm backbone. Compassion […]