Episode 43: Steve Drotter On Managing Managers & The Leadership Pipeline [The Amiel Show]

We talk a lot on the podcast about stages of development within adults–why they matter and what you find while transitioning to a new stage. But what about levels within organizations? What new capacities does each call for? What happens when you’re not doing the work of that level–or haven’t developed the inner and outer […]

Episode 39: Elizabeth Doty On Making Only Promises You Can Keep [The Amiel Show]

Elizabeth Doty is on a mission to focus leaders on their most critical commitments. In Episode 39 of the podcast, this seasoned consultant, author, and frequent contributor to Strategy + Business joins me to ask: What if we were to take our commitments to each other so seriously that we made only the ones we […]

Episode 37: Susanne Cook-Greuter On Leadership Maturity, Part 2 [The Amiel Show]

In Part 1 of my interview with Dr. Susanne Cook-Greuter, she gave an overview of the stages of adult development and what they mean for our capacity to handle life’s complexity. This week, in Part 2, we explore how her model of Leadership Maturity reframes two everyday leadership challenges: How do you approach your job […]

Episode 36: Susanne Cook-Greuter On Leadership Maturity, Part 1 [The Amiel Show]

Often when things go haywire, we blame others or ourselves. “If only I was smarter.” “If only my boss gave me the right responsibilities.” “If only I picked a better boss.” What if the source of our troubles wasn’t something wrong with us–or others–but the fact that we haven’t yet developed to our full potential? […]

Episode 31: Hilary Bradbury On Women, Men, Power, And Eros [The Amiel Show]


Ready for a candid and edgy conversation about power relationships between women and men in the workplace? Then you’ll want to download this episode and listen on your next car ride, walk, or flight. Hilary Bradbury joins me to discuss her provocative and inspiring new book, Eros/Power: Love In The Spirit of Inquiry,¬†which you can […]

Episode 24: Amy Jen Su On Owning The Room [The Amiel Show]


Leadership presence. In some organizations, you hear the phrase all the time. Sounds impressive, but does anyone know what it actually means? Do you? Now, you’re a smart person, so let’s assume you have a definition ready at hand. Leadership presence is about how other people perceive you. And power. Through this lens, the greater […]