Episode 79: Integral Mashup On Managing Promises [The Amiel Show]

Introducing… the first integral mashup on managing promises. I’ve pulled short audio clips from five past interviews and added my own commentary—all on the topic of how we get things done in life through conversation. This is my favorite topic in leadership development, particularly when meshed with other valuable frames, like the idea that we are […]

Episode 75: Stomping the Blues, Reimagining American Identity with Greg Thomas [The Amiel Show]

Fasten your seatbelts. This week, we’re going on a rollicking, rhythmic, high-minded, and heartfelt ride through the core of the American experience. Greg Thomas, our guide through the True but Partial Challenge on race, joins me again to steer us through this week’s journey. Or should I say: journeys? That’s how much territory we cover. […]

The Year Ahead [New Post]

Thank you all for listening to my podcast, reading my posts, and sending kudos, queries, and quirky questions. As we close out 2017 and step into 2018, I want to share a few words about what you can expect from staying in conversation with me. Growing as a leader and human being in organizations. This […]

Episode 71: Biology of Power & Sexual Harassment With Janet Crawford [The Amiel Show]

This week on the podcast, I welcome back Janet Crawford to discuss sexual harassment as an expression of high and low power tactics rooted in human biology. Drawing on the latest research in neuroscience, evolutionary biology, and experimental psychology and her own professional and personal experience, Janet brings to light many subtle dynamics overlooked in […]

Episode 69: Executives’ New Promises With Bob Dunham [The Amiel Show]

This week on the podcast, I welcome back Bob Dunham to discuss the transition from manager to executive. Bob heads up the Institute for Generative Leadership, where for three decades he has developed leaders and coaches. In episode 7, he described how to make reliable promises and the importance of listening for commitment. This time, […]

That time he didn’t cancel his request [New Post]

When historians look back at my son’s outburst after I wiped his nose with a Kleenex (described last week), they will highlight his rage and my awkward response. A classic case of resenting unwanted help. But what if things had turned out differently? What if I had found a way to put the mucus back […]